BBC Sounds: Must Watch

Scott Bryan, Hayley Campbell and Nihal Arthanayake with your weekly guide to the best (and worst) in new TV and streaming shows.

With previews of the most talked about new shows on UK TV and interviews with the stars behind them, Must Watch is available every Monday afternoon from BBC Radio 5 live.


BBC Radio 4: one to one

"Novelist Nikesh Shukla is learning how to box. It's gone from memories of Rocky movies and watching the big match with family as a child to being a skill he wants for himself. When he voiced his thoughts on Twitter, journalist Hayley Campbell gave him 3 key pieces of advice. She took up kickboxing two and a half years ago and shares how the sport and the partnership with her trainer changed her physically and mentally, but also how the boxing world became a source of fascination leading her to meet and interview some of the most powerful fighters."

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A series on the BBC in which we discuss pop culture and what it means. Hosted by Hayley Campbell.


Films to be Buried With, with Brett Goldstein

“LOOK OUT! It’s only Films To Be Buried With! Join your host Brett Goldstein as he and his guest go deep into the subject of mortality via cinema, and this week he is joined by the amazing writer, podcaster and Empire journalist HAYLEY CAMPBELL!

A blissful celebration of cinema and death, and immaculately timed too as Hayley is - at the time of podcasting - writing a book about death AND has had written several powerfully interesting articles about all manner of mortality related subjects. She writes for Empire Magazine too so basically Hayley is the perfect guest for Films To Be Buried With! Enjoy the overflowing awesomeness as the two get down to this whole life and death and film business, getting started on her reasons for not actually going into film production itself (fully understandable and surely infinitely relatable reasons!), her graphic novelist father Eddie Campbell and how he would incorporate her in his own novels from birth to present day (and the ensuing weirdness this brings from some fans), how the book she’s writing about death is slowly messing her up, cremation alternatives and how one can turn one’s self into a bag of white powder after death, Stallone porn and hating your own interests.”



"The Virtual Memories Show is a weekly interview podcast about books and life, not necessarily in that order. This episode was recorded in September 2016, on the hottest day in New York City and probably on Earth."



"We let Nick and Nat back into the studio for another Fan Club show! Their guest this week was journalist Hayley Campbell who talked to them about Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Paul Reiser and more."

“Hayley Campbell guest hosted the show today with Nathaniel as Nick is away on his holidays! They were joined by Drag queen and Puppeteer Ginger Johnson.”